Zoraki Pistol 2918 black


Zoraki Pistol 2918 black


High-quality blank/signal firing pistol in caliber 9 mm P.A.K. The robust metal slide is designed with the Zoraki manufacturing markings. The handle is made of Polymer Resin and is textured for optimal grip under all conditions and equipped with finger recesses. The double-rowed magazine holds 18 cartridges. Included is a gun case, signal launching cup and a cleaning brush. Magazines of models 918 and 4918 can be used.

– Eyelet for a lanyard
– Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K.
– Length: approx. 20 cm
– System: single- and double-action
– Magazine capacity: 18 shots
– Weight: approx. 880 g

Additional information

Weight 880 kg




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