Pistol Browning GPDA9 gold


Pistol Browning GPDA9 gold


The Browning GPDA as gas/blank pistol with Single-/double action system including an extension barrel for 15 mm signal munitions and transport case. This version in gold finish catches due to the incomparably strong look and the contrast to the black plastic grips. The specific attribute of the Browning GPDA9 is the locking, also called the Browning system. Lateral safety lever. Exterior cock. Lateral munitions ejection. The lock stays open after the last eject of munitions.

– Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K.
– Magazine capacity: 9 rounds
– Trigger: Single-/Double Action
– Length: 194 mm
– Weight: 800 g

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Weight 1 kg




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