Elite Force HK P30 Spring Pistol


Elite Force HK P30 Spring Pistol

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About the Elite Force HK P30 Spring Pistol

The Elite Force HK P30 spring pistol is equipped with a metal slide for a more realistic weight. You might recognize the P30 in many action movies you see today as well as in the hands of police and military. The P30 is a refined modern day version based on the older USP design. Improved are the ergonomics, the barrel’s bore axis, the slide contours, sights, and all the controls.

About Spring Pistols – Manually Cocking

These are the least expensive types of pistols out there. These operate by manually pulling back the slide to cock the gun before you fire each shot. This type of pistol is purely for cheap thrills because it does not cost any money to operate. Because of its single shot nature, these are very slow to use in an airsoft game against other people and because it takes some hand strength to pull back the slide, it may be difficult for younger airsofters to use this type of gun. These also don’t shoot very hard compared to other pistols.

For those after cheap thrills, spring pistols are great for plinking and target practice. Even if it is slow to shoot, if you’re matched with other players with the same equipment it will be just as fun. Many players including ourselves have started with spring pistols. Do be careful and observe the same safety rules and use highly rated safety equipment when you are using spring pistols though. The same dangers exist even though these guns do not shoot nearly as hard.

These pistols are built to be self contained and do not require maintenance or service. However once they wear out or something breaks you would have to replace the whole pistol. The ammo used is the same as the other airsoft guns out there which is 6mm plastic BBs. The recommended weight for these BBs will be .12 to .20g BBs. Spring pistols are not picky on ammo quality so you can use just about whatever you can purchase for cheap but DO NOT use metal BBs.

At the price range of spring pistols, it should be noted that for a few dollars more you could get a non-blowback CO2 pistol instead. These will feel relatively the same in terms of weight and build quality but shoot harder and farther. And you only need to pull the trigger to fire round after round instead of pulling back a slide on a spring pistol. The downside is the increased cost of running the pistol but a CO2 cartridge usually costs a dollar and gets you well over 100 shots. Again this is merely something to consider and if you are trying to get a better start in the sport, we recommend checking those out as well.

What’s Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x Elite Force HK P30 Spring Pistol
  • 1 x 15rd Magazines
  • 1 x 400rd Bottle of BB’s
  • Manual

Quick Overview:

  • Polymer Construction, Metal Slide
  • Combat sights
  • Metal barrel
  • Simple Spring Cocking Action
  • 240 FPS Velocity(measured with 0.12g BBs)
  • Fixed hopup unit
  • Fully Licensed HK Trademarks
  • Accessory rail



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