Elite Force Glock 19 NBB Airsoft Pistol


Elite Force Glock 19 NBB Airsoft Pistol

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About the Elite Force Glock 19 Non-Blowback CO2 Pistol

Elite Force is the first company to have officially licensed airsoft guns from Glock for the consumer/milsim market. Because Glock is such a wildly popular brand in the real firearm world, Elite Force has decided to offer many models for any fan with any budget. This Glock 19 Non-Blowback is the entry level of the high quality Glock replica airsoft pistols in the family. Non-Blowback means the function of this pistol is very simple and also reliable. You simply load CO2 into the grip of this pistol, insert a loaded magazine, and fire away. There is no recoil or slide movement on this non-blowback. In terms of looks, Non-blowbacks usually suffer in the department being made almost entirely of plastic. Elite Force on the other hand with this pistol makes sure you know you are holding something authentic feeling. This pistol has a metal slide and polymer frame with a weight that is close to the real deal. 

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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and refund policy which you can read more about here

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