Compact Threaded Spiral Fluted Bronze Barrel (Glock 17 – 19) Gen 1 – 5


Available for G17 – G19


Shadow Systems barrels feature minor improvements intended to create more consistent lockup without compromising reliability.  Our chambers are fully supported and can be fired with hot P ammo and lead bullets.  We have sample barrels that have survived 5 proof rounds so it is unlikely you will have issues with any mainstream, commercially available ammunition.

We broach cut our rifling 1/10” which is a common twist rate for match barrels in 9mm.  We use a conventional rifling so our barrels are safe to use with lead or moly coated lead bullets (explanation: polygonal rifled barrels require jacketed ammunition, restricting the options for inexpensive practice ammunition).

Our barrels feature beautiful spiral fluting and chamber pockets.  This machining modestly reduces barrel weight and gives dirt, carbon, or other debris a place to go, limiting functional impact.  Flutes also have helped the guns stay lubricated longer in our testing.

All of our barrels are 100% Made in the USA and are custom designed from U.S. sourced materials.

1/28X28 Threaded

Thread Protector Included

Includes O-Ring

Fits MR920/XR920/MR918
For Glock 19 (gen 4 – gen 5)


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