Firecracker Cobra 2 Petardy 5pcs (NEW)

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Latest Firecracker from Di Blasio Elio! Italian Quality!
Category: P1
NEM(g): 2,00
Packaging: 5pcs


Latest Product Of Di Blasio Elio Fireworks

Order fast, Sold=Sold

4 seconds red bengal flame
4 seconds gold fountain as black powder preburner
strong explosion at the end – 2 grams of flash powder

Category: P1
NEM(g): 2,0


Di Blasio Elio

1 review for Firecracker Cobra 2 Petardy 5pcs (NEW)

  1. giorgo

    They are small but you must hear the bang.. Good firecracker also di blasio always has quality!!

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