• Compound fireworks
  • CE category – F3
  • Shots – 180
  • Diameter – mix 0.8″, 1″, 1.2″, 1.5″
  • Packing – 1/1
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CE Category F3
ADR class 1.3G
Packing 1/1
Caliber [cal] mix caliber
Shots 264
Time [s] 195
Height [m] +/-40
Powder weight [g] 3700
Description gold tail to gold crown white strobe, sky blue to sky blue time rain, red tail red coco silver strobe, sky blue tail gold crown w/sky blue dahlia,, green tail to brocade crown, red tail to red star white strobe, red tail to red wave chrys, green tail to green wave chrys,, purple tail brocade crown purple, green tail brocade crown green star, silver tail red strobe crackling, silver tail white strobe crackling,, purple tail purple star time rain, tail tail green coco chrys, silver tail time rain willow w/red strobe green strobe, red tail silver strobe willow red dahlia, sky blue tail silver strobe willow sky blue, silver tail to silver coco crackling, red tail to brocade crown red strobe, red tail to red green time rain, sky blue tail to time rain willow sky blue dahlia,, silver tail red dahlia chrys, silver tail sky blue dahlia chrys, silver tail silver coco chrys, sky blue tail to brocade crown w/sky blue, red tail red sky blue white strobe, red tail to time rain willow w/red dahlia,silver tail to purple coco green coco chrys




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