Quick Fuse (5 metres)


  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Length: Per 5 pieces of 1 meter
  • Quality: Very high
  • Burn time: 1 meter per second (1 c/s)
  • Attention: Sale from 18 years!


High-quality quick fuse safety fuse for the lowest price! Quick fuse wick burns very quickly, namely 1 meter per second , and is therefore very useful for every enthusiast. This type of wick is water-resistant, and even burns underwater! The fuse is easy to cut yourself. Quick fuse fuse is available in a thickness of 3mm and is supplied per 5 pieces of 1 meter.

Quick fuse wick burns much faster than a quick fuse or normal wick. If you are also interested in this, then quickly check our advantageous combi-deals! The more fuse you buy, the cheaper it gets.  

Our quick fuse is packed per 5 pieces of 1 meter by our trusted supplier. This way we can be sure that you will always receive the exact length you ordered. They pack the fuse extra carefully, in order to prevent kinks and damage to the fuse as much as possible.



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