SG28 Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180


Mini Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180

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Mini Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180 is very similar to an electronic car key with a BMW sticker. At the back of the case there is a hole for inserting a lace. The alarm key for the TW-180 mini-stun gun has three functions:- Electroshock, which can temporarily deduce the attacker.- LED flashlight- Alarm 120 decibelsThe Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180 can immobilize an attacker for several minutes, and the effect of electric shock is very effective.Its very small size and shape make this Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180 an accessory that you can easily carry with you in any situation. Thanks to an alarm system with 120 dB, you can scare off a potential attacker or attract the attention of strangers.The Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180 has an on / off button to prevent accidental electrical discharges.Dimensions:- Length: 8.6 cm.- width: 4.8 cm- thickness: 2.5 cm- weight 70 gThe kit includes:1 x Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-1801 x USB Charging Cable1 x English ManualNote: Buy Mini Stun Gun Key Alarm TW-180 in the Europe only if you are at least 18 years old.


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